Grain Management Intern



Job Description:

  • Conduct daily maintenance of the buildings and equipment at the facility.
  • Manages the flow of grain dumped into the elevator and loaded out into the trucks (and rail cars at some sites)
  • Monitors grain in storage and maintains condition with aeration or turning to keep grain in good condition.
  • At times oversees the weighing and grading of grain before it is dumped into the grain elevator.

The Grain Management Intern will have exposure to:

  • Facility Operations & Logistics
  • Grain Grading & Quality
  • Rail Loading (at most locations)
  • Grain Origination
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Grain Drying Procedures
  • Assist with Structural Inspection
  • Facility Safety Inspection
  • Basic Electrical Troubleshooting


**Interns will be required to give a final presentation reporting results of their summer experience.



  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in agriculture
  • Adequate transportation to and from work
  • Successful completion of a pre-employment physical screening, drug screen and background check is required
  • Comfortable working at heights, such as walking on catwalks in high positions.  Able to lift up to 50 pounds.  Comfortable climbing fixed and stationary ladders.  Has the ability to work in confined spaces and in a broad range of climate conditions.  Comfortable utilizing mobile and stationary equipment and systems.


Job Type

Summer Intern


Please send resumes to:

Vianca Avalos

Office: (765) 236-4170


Download our application to apply: